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GOGO Galactic is a brand activation studio that helps to energise the brands that they touch.

Led by two super cool humans, Lawrence and Diana, their mission is simple… help small brands win big.

Lawrence is the creative director, brand architect and marketing strategist who literally filled a dumpster with award trophies after realising there are far better metrics to measure success. Diana is a brand strategist and designer, with both analytical and creative skills that are a perfect complement to the team... together they can achieve anything.

Project Scope

Brand Identity Workshop

Custom Logo

Custom Type

Custom Web 

Associated Type & Colours


James Martin (Brand Identity)

Jordan Trofan (Animation)

Adrian Matengu (Web)

Andon Georgiev (Illustration)

Meet MOJO 
from GOGO

Leaning into the epically interstellar name, we wanted to create a mascot that could reel the story for GOGO… although he/she/they are secondary to the type mark, the personality it injects into the brand is well worth it. They have also named the character MOJO… from GOGO.

Bold simplicity with boundless character

Bold simplicity with a boundless character was the direction that we took. Taking advantage of the repeatable letterforms and diving into the circular planetary shapes, we created this distinctive word mark that allows the expressive energy of the company to shine.

How it looks in the real world.

GOGO on the move.

Keeping all the narrative cohesive and diving into the energy of the identity we put together this sweet little animation to get GOGO on the move… flipping the colours adds a great burst of freshness.

Expanding the brand through illustration.

Making web an experience to remember.

Responsive layouts.

It's all about the continuation of narrative when it comes to our animation work. Creating moving assets which reinforce the brand in a digital landscape adds a super cool and seamless addition to the brand story.

Exploring motion in web.

“The team a BG are total badasses and they're really good humans too. Having worked with them before, we knew they would nail our strategic vision. Why would anyone hire a brand agency with no standout brand of their own? I wouldn’t and you shouldn't. BG was wildly unafraid to really lean into helping us create a one-of-a-kind experience that is forever memorable. This gives us a giant advantage over other agencies.”
Lawrence Neisler
brand activist | cosmonaut

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