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Pizza Rebellion are here to change the way pizza is consumed… please don’t tell your Italian friends.

They are the creators of the UK’s first pizza vending machine, these pizzas are made in lightning fast time and ready to devour in just under 4 minutes.

Dotted around the streets of the UK in containers, these super fast pizzas are being enjoyed by thousands every day. Our mission was to develop a brand identity that really jumps into the values of the company… Unique, rebellious and speedy.

Project Scope

Brand Identity Workshop

Custom Logo
Associated Type & Colours


James Martin (Logo Design)

Jordan Trofan (Animation)

Unique, rebellious and speedy.

It was super important for the logo mark to be powerful and memorable so we leant into the speedy nature of the company. This pizza slice lighting bolt is a real winner and emotes all the right feels. Its dynamic and edgy approach make it easy to remember and easy to use.

The angles all match to show a forward thinking and pioneering brand.

This needed to be easily legible and seen from afar… sticking with this clean sans serif approach brings a real cohesion with the mark, it's great how the angles all match to show a forward thinking and pioneering brand. The super coolness happens within the negative space of the ZZ, where we managed to mirror our BOLT shape.

Merch, print and anything inbetween.

Looking fresh, on the move.



RGB 11/11/11

CMYK 83/73/62/91


Increasing brand flavour with motion.

It's all about the continuation of narrative when it comes to our animation work. Creating moving assets which reinforce the brand in a digital landscape adds a super cool and seamless addition to the brand story. From logo animations to social templates, emphasising the brand and solidifying their presence as more and more people devour their pizza across the UK.

Bringing life to the web.

Social templates for the rebellious.

Extra spice with bespoke gifs.

My experience working with Baby Giant Design Co. was epic. Right from the get go James and his team understood what we wanted to achieve. When communicating our mission to other agencies everyone talked a good game but could never deliver... Team BG walk the walk and talk the talk. They nailed our vision and found the perfect balance between design and art, which was something we really wanted to embrace due to the knowledge gained from our target audience. Thanks to BG we have been able to scale with ease as all our identity is on point.
William Jack

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