A small but mighty brand identity studio that creates big conversations across the planet

Hello, to you

We are not here to mould into the norm and we see our job as a simple one… Get you seen, heard and remembered. Every brand that we touch goes on to bigger and better things. We bring focus, clarity and life to your company.

We all have a story to tell and we help you find the people who are going to listen. We build brands that build profit.

We are real humans that complete everything in-house, no farming your brand off to the cheapest bidder. Brand identity, and making that move, is what we specialise in and our tiny team of rogues will treat your business like our own. We know how the game is played and want to join your team so if you ever want a chin wag then we are just an email away.

Our team.

  • Lauren Hughes

    Studio Manager

  • Adrian Matengu

    Web & Digital

  • James Martin

    Brand Identity

  • Kate Martin

    Project Manager

  • Jordan Trofan

    Motion Design

What we do

We build brands and focus on identity - but that does not mean a huge amount so let us give you a deeper vibe of the elements that we can help you with;


Brand Strategy

Logo Creation

Art Direction




Web Development
Interaction Design
Web Design


Logo Animation

Branded Content

Explainer Videos

Motion Graphics

Pizza Rebellion

  • animation
  • branding

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