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Jungle Culture was conceived to remedy the damage a single straw can do to our environment.

Currently, there are 500 million plastic straws discarded each year. Each of those straws can take 200 years to break down and will still exist as microparticle plastics.

Before Jungle Culture came Jungle Straws, which was launched in August 2018 with ethically sourced, reusable drinking straws made from the lungs of the East, bamboo. Every straw is handmade in Northern Vietnam at a family-run bamboo farm. Now they are the #1 best-selling bamboo straw product on Amazon and Jungle Straws has partnered with the likes of National Geographic, BBC Earth and TOMS.

Project Scope

Brand Identity Workshop

Custom Logo
Custom Type

Associated Type & Colours


James Martin (Logo Design)

Jordan Trofan (Animation)

We wanted to create a design that was hand drawn to really add that emotional bond to the earth… their raw character plays wonderfully with the brand message. We love the quirky way the U is used to create the U of Jungle and Culture - this shows creativity and personality.

Lungs of the east

Then playing with bamboo shoots in the negative space takes their design to supreme… your competition is going to hate you with how cool this design has come out… we love how easily the brain reads it as “Jungle Culture” - this execution makes this super unique and 100% memorable.

The logo in its natural habitat

Empowering divsersity in advertising

How it looks in the wild

Dive into the jungle

We really wanted to dive into the jungle feel to express a fun and caring brand image… as with all our animations there is a narrative and a story being told. The overall vibe we created within this identity is celebrated through the personality of the illustrations created.

Products with purpose

Jungle Culture’s range of eco-friendly and zero waste products are all ethically sourced, sustainably made and 100% plastic-free. Check them out!

“Sincerely amazed by the professionalism, passion and level of collaboration we had with James and Baby Giant as a whole. The entire process was very transparent, everything was delivered on time and of course, we are blown away by the creativity of the logo design, background pattern and animation. James creates with the customer in mind, which is so rare to find. Since working on our brand we have grown considerably and this is all due to the support and brilliance of our identity, it has allowed us to execute all our plans.
Chris Chalk

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