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If you are a fan of coffee and the unconventional then this crew are for you. As a part of their expansion they reached out to us to consolidate their identity and bring it to life.

The Unincorporated team are smashing life and expanding quickly across the states and are focused on bringing a new experience to the coffee lovers of this planet.

We knew we needed to retain their unique and unconventional approach - but just as importantly - give them something that could work and be usable, especially across a wide range of materials. This needed to be an evolution of sorts, this was not a process of starting from scratch - it was a process of building on all the goodness that got them to where they are today.

Project Scope

Brand Identity Workshop

Custom Logo
Custom Type

Associated Type & Colours


James Martin (Logo Design)

Jordan Trofan (Animation)

The aim of the logo was to keep the existing personality of the logo, but take it to a new level that allowed it to become the face of the company. It has great energy and is totally removed from any obvious coffee-related imagery, allowing it to stand proud and stand out.

Worn, edgy and imperfect typography...

The type had to emote the same feeling, worn, edgy and imperfect to lean into the character of the identity. Nothing is perfect, all the edges have freedom and personality - this allows them to keep the conversation going about how hands-on they are as a team - super cool and super passionate.

New colours for a new experience.

UCR White

RGB: 244 / 242 / 237

CMYK: 5 / 5 / 8 / 0


Simple, powerful packaging.

Expressing energy
through movement...

We are always using animation to continue the stories we tell through our logo work - its all about the layering of narrative and expressing the energy through movement. We really wanted to emote that feeling of energy that drinking their coffee gives the customer - buzzing.

An evolution across multiple locations.

Merch for the coffee lover.

A platform 
to invite new personalities.

“We absolutely loved the process and the calibre of work this fine human being delivered. By process we mean, the willingness to make sure that we were happy and utterly satisfied with the final product was very comforting. We couldn't recommend 
Baby Giant Design Co to anyone enough!”
Arthur Sobrian

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